Hold Back The Tide – Melinda Salisbury – Mini Book Review


Let me start by saying, this is the first ever fiction novel I’ve ever read from the horror genre!51828348._SX0_SY0_ And oh was it as tantalising and scary as watching a film. Even more so, you can’t hide between your fingers, you’ll have to read on to find out what happens next and if you’re reading in the dark and reach Chapter 11, I would advise at the very least lighting a candle. Or else you won’t sleep because your mind will play tricks on you and that pretty ordinary tote bag hanging from your door handle will become a dark creature huddled in the corner, between you and your escape route. Don’t ask, I think quarantine was truly making me exhibit cabin fever symptoms. Or it’s just that the book is frightening to say the least.

What’s more, I haven’t been able to finish a book in over year, so this is an even more poignant read because I just could not put it down. And If you’re unfamiliar with Melinda’s writing style, let’s just say it is one of my favourites, she allows you to imagine the depth of every scene, every part of the wilderness and all without overloading you with information, even the characters seem to come alive as you turn every page, they become friends, enemies, you know them.

And if you’re wondering about the rhythm of the book, the best way to describe it is… exhilarating. Each chapter leaves you with questions that you need answered almost immediately and cliff hangers, oh the cliff hangers. And this is not an ‘ordinary’ fantasy fiction, no it’s blooming scary.

“The weather should be as great and bleak and relentless as I feel. Not like this. Not birds singing , not bees lazily bobbing between gardens, not flowers opening and nodding at the sky. Not this life, as though nothing has changed, when everything has changed.”

Synopsis (No Spoilers) 


Alva is living with a murderer, she has planned a getaway, one that cannot go wrong. But when a dark entity begins to take over the nights in the town of Ormscaula, she is forced to battle her past, the truth’s she’s made herself believe and become an unwitting heroine for the town folk that see her as a pariah. Except Ren of course.

“What you think you know, you really don’t.”

– Oh Panda Eyes

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My Hold Back The Tide Playlist

Melinda writes the world beautifully, I found myself envisaging an Elvish forest, with the loch, wildlife and caves blooming and by the end it had been like I had walked in the footsteps of Alva herself.

I will profess Enya and the Elvish soundtracks from Lord of the Rings kept me company, maybe because I was scared, but nevertheless, I still tended to return to the book at night, the darkness set me up to fall into the world of Ormscaula, like Bastian in The NeverEnding Story.



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