Ready For A New Book Adventure In 2020?

Coming in 2020 is a NEW book adventure from Oh Panda Eyes.

A book adventure? Tell me more…

Well, every month you will receive a brand new YA book with one piece of jewellery inspired by the theme or novel itself. And instead of a subscription, you can pick and choose every month if the theme takes your fancy or just wait for the next month. 

Did you know approximately 30,000 Young Adult books are released every year?

To celebrate as many great reads as we can, the books chosen will be inclusive, diverse, not necessarily the most ‘popular‘, but definitely engaging and fun. There are an incredible amount of YA books released every year, but how many do you read that others have not heard about? Probably not as many as you think.

This new project will allow you to pick up a variety of books, dive into new adventures, put yourself into different shoes, but also read characters that remind you of well, you.  It will be less expensive than a subscription box, which I hope will allow for more of you to read something new.

Not to mention, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE piece of jewellery handmade by me inspired by the theme or by the book itself. And every month the piece will be gift wrapped beautifully, thus making a great gift for someone else, if not, the perfect treat for yourself.

Pop over to Etsy now to purchase your January ‘Romantic New Year’ bundle

And don’t forget to carry on scrolling to see the BIG REVEAL of our new logo and find out more about the artist! 

 @aliciajoart Interview 

As my shop and subscription box have logos connecting them together by two incredible artists @taratjahand @norlinedesign, I wanted this venture to give another fantastic illustrator the chance to feature their art whilst still making it notably Oh Panda Eyes(ish).

Tell me us a little about you…

My name is Alícia Jo. I’m originally from Barcelona, but I’m currently living in Okinawa (Japan) for my last year of uni. I began drawing from the moment I could hold a pencil. I have no memory in which my passion wasn’t already this, and I’m so happy that I get to keep exploring that, working hard and learning every day!

What is your favourite place, thing or character to draw?

My favourite things to draw are those that make people feel something, it can be a complicated emotion or simply bring a smile to their faces, but still it means the world to me!

Do you have a favourite book and why?

I have a few favourite books, I’m bad at choosing! But I can tell you the last one that made the list, and that’s Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman. You can feel the warmth of summer and tenderness of first love even if you read it in the cold winter. It’s a beautiful book!

Owning a small business can be hard, what do you do to relax?

Balancing between things when you want your passion to be your work too is hard. But one thing that I love is consuming art! It’s such a motivating fuel and brings endless inspiration and purpose.

What your hope is for the future with illustrating? 

My dream is to work in animation one day and be a part of telling stories that can make people feel what they make me feel. Stories are important.
I don’t know where paths will take me, and I’m open to exploring lots of them! But I’d love to work on visual development in the industry. Every day I strive to be better and get there eventually!

Drumroll please...

Ta da!

Book Bundle LOGO

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