Inspire Me Korea Classic Box Review


Embrace Your SEOUL


Korea, I love Korea, everything Korean, the culture, food, music and dramas. So to find a box that was able to cater to a Korean fangirl was always going to be difficult… With all the subscription boxes available, I couldn’t find one Korean inspired box that shipped to London. Either fate, destiny, or just sheer will to find one, Inspire Me Korea popped up. Although the box was still in production, I can’t explain how excited I was, it could have been filled with anything and everything, but more so, the idea of being able to try new Korean things, whether food or cosmetics is always a magical experience! Plus when you’re a humongous Kpop fan, it’s pretty epic to think that a box you’re subscribed to, may include an item from a group you love or even introduce you to a new one.

And I wasn’t at all disappointed, if anything I’m still a little awestruck. And I think Jane and Michael’s reaction best sums it up, although I envisaged quite a few goodies in the box, for a bargain price of £13.99, I didn’t expect there to be over 15 items! And such an eclectic choice at that, there was a mix of scrumptious 4fef0e82-3559-4a95-a772-f09c5c7df5d9snacks and treats, refreshing beauty products, cute stickers and a pretty hand mirror. Plus two, yes two Inspire Me Korea magazines with delicious Korean recipes, as well as lots of information and news on Korean culture and events right here in London!

Inspire Me Korea’s mission is to not only provide fun items like food and beauty, but also provide a context to the products and an educational spin to subscription boxes, so each of you will receive a piece of South Korea’s vibrant and diverse culture based on a different theme each month!



Don’t forget Inspire Me Korea also has a fantastic blog , with events, reviews, interviews, entertainment, food and beauty news. As well as a Korean language option for anyone (like me) who is waiting for the day she doesn’t need to wait for English subtitles to watch her favourite Kdrama!

The founder, Diana is so incredibly lovely too, it’s an incredible feat to bring a whole culture to the forefront in another country! And doing it in a fun way through love of food, beauty products and cute bits and pieces is a great way to do it! Congratulations Diana and the team at Inspire Me Korea, here’s to showing the world how amazing Korea is!

“You’re the biggest nerd, with the prettiest face.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 21.21.25

  • Head over to Inspire Me Korea
  • Click on that SUBSCRIBE button (you know you want to)
  • Then choose out of 3 options

Girls – Snacks, Kpop/Culture item, Skin care, Cosmetics, History and Culture Magazine

Guys – Snacks, Kpop/Culture item, History and Culture Magazine

Unisex – Snacks, Kpop/Culture item, Skin care, History and Culture Magazine

  • Choose between a monthly, 3 month and 6 month prepay options
  • You’re nearly finished… Now just enter your shipping address, payment method and wait for epic goodness every month!


Click on the links below to reach Inspire Me Korea‘s social networking sites





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