The Witness 我是证人 Film Review




The Witness (2015) directed by Ahn Sang-hoon is a Chinese crime thriller and remake of the Korean film, Blind. It follows the story of Xiao Xing a former police officer, who loses her sight in a fateful accident. Not being able to rejoin the academy, Xiao Xing doesn’t expect that a simple taxi journey will throw her back into the world of criminals and force her to relive the same accident that changed her whole way of life.

When the taxi she travels in commits a hit and run, Xiao Xing  inadverdently becomes the only witness. That is, until Lin Chong (LuHan) reveals to the police that the car she was travelling in, had not actually been a taxi. With a spout of kidnappings and at least one known victim, Xiao Xing and Lin Chong have to work together to escape the clutches of the mastermind of the attacks and bring him to justice. But will the two be able to succeed in getting along to solve the case and save a whole host of victims?

“Don’t think about anything. Experience the moment. “


“Don’t be a prisoner to your fears.”


China popular actress Yang Mi wallpapers 480X720 (43)

Yang Mi (Xiao Xing)


Yang Mi was amazing as Xiao Xing, to portray a blind character must have been exhaustingly difficult, but she was fantastic. Her emotional interaction with Cong Cong (guide dog), as well the use of special effects allowed a viewer to see the world through her eyes. In turn, helping the evolution of her character,  which is a testament to Yang Mi’s incredible acting!




Lin Chong (Lu Han)


As a fan of LuHan I was both apprehensive and excited to see his acting debut, especially as he would be playing a main lead. But there was no reason to be apprehensive, the character of Lin Chong was perfect for him, he matched his sporty nature, with charismatic singing, to produce the well rounded, cute and fun skater boy, Lin Chong.

“Finally I get to see this ordinary me, meeting the moment of being unique.”- LuHan, Medals



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