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Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay, Luhan, Kris, Tao, Kai, Sehun, Xiumin, Chen, D.O, Suho


The first song I heard from this fantastically talented K-pop band was “Call me baby”I remember being so envious and in awe of how they could sing, dance and still managed to look so handsome, or pretty as my mum would say. As is normal with me, I began trailing through the internet for all their songs, ending up with all their albums on my phone; even had YouTube sending me recommendations by the end of the day. But there was one problem…


Believe it or not, living in London has a huge downside when it comes to K-Pop merchandise and concerts! Only at Comic Con can you find K-pop posters, albums and sometimes, jewellery. And as much as I order online, buying things from the Far East mean a lengthy wait till they’re in  my hands. I’m always anticipating the postman and the only way I stop the sadness that comes from the long wait is, if I forget that I’ve ordered anything at all. I’m sure you all do it, you know when you order something from so far away, that weeks down the line when it arrives you’re like a giddy adrenaline filled child again.

But back to EXO, they really do have an eclectic repertoire of music, though it’s predominantly pop, there are slow, techno, dance, RnB & rock tracks, oh and of course a Christmas album which has one of my favourite songs, ‘Miracles of December’. The fun thing about them is that they have two sub groups, one sing in Korean and the other in Mandarin, though both tend to be together in their music videos. Only sad thing, don’t get too attached to Kris and Luhan because both have left the EXOm sub group, I still love them though so actually, scratch the not getting attached bit! EXOk who are the Korean sub group consist of Suho, Chanyeol, D.O, Baekhyun, Sehun & Kai, whilst EXOm the Chinese subs are now down to Lay, Xiumin, Chen  & Tao.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t understand Korean or Mandarin, the songs are so epic, that you’ll actually be more inclined to learn the languages, purely so you can sing along.


All newbies I wholeheartedly recommend EXO TV series – EXO Showtime & EXO Next Door!

Click the titles to hear some of my favourite songs (In truth there isn’t one song that I don’t love)

Promise, Love Me RightWolf, History, What Is Love, Growl, XOXO, 3.6.5

EXO Inspired Jewellery by Oh Panda Eyes 

11349885_10152836622532026_146367779_n Making jewellery inspired by EXO was so much fun, firstly because I was desperate for something of my very own! Plus, up till now I’d only really made pieces related to books and movies so to add something music based to my shop was a new adventure. I have to admit although I love all of the band members, Lay is my bias, maybe because he’s a Libra but also because he has a really sweet demeanour about him, so I had to make a unicorn mascot necklace with the EXO logo. It actually worked quite well with this particular setting because it’s so Kawaii with the ribbon at the top.

11304187_10152838463242026_1317258196_n As most international fans of K-pop will agree, it’s hard to find merchandise in your own countries, especially so if you’re in the Western hemisphere and along with the lengthy postage time, the shipping and custom fees can sometimes be more expensive then the item itself. So I thought it’d be fun to try my hand at different pieces, this is a much larger cabochon necklace, it’s so pretty as a statement piece. You could wear it on a plain t-shirt or even dress on a night out; I try to create things that can be worn on a lazy day but also if you have somewhere super fancy or slightly fancy to go to.

11637900_10152840711347026_2125608269_n EXO Gifts? – The incredible Kdevision always puts up with my fangirling, she is so blooming lovely and an extremely talented little lady! {Click her name and it’ll take you to her site} Whether it be for a book, movie or a band she is forever my saviour and so when I came to her for an idea for a gift for the remaining 10 members she was extremely patient, in between my girly squealing and my breaking out in song, we decided on these etched dog tags. Unfortunately because of the hundreds of thousands of gifts EXO receive I’m not completely sure they’re actually given any of their fanmail. So I’m holding on to them till they come to the UK and I can somehow give them to them. Even though I’m a pretty laid back, even shy fan. When I’m faced with a famous person, they suddenly become so normal and I think how would I feel if someone was jumping up and down in my face or worse, following me around. So fingers crossed, there’s a VIP concert or I find out that they receive every piece of fan mail and I’ll ship each of them, express delivery to SMTOWN’s head office!

Hope you liked this post everyone, if I can get even one of you to listen to an EXO song and like it, I’ll be over the moon! Plus they need to do a worldwide tour, well a London tour, especially London (I’m not bias at all). Plus a HUGE congratulations is in order for ‘Love me Right’, winning countless awards, EXO-L’s will always be here to support you!


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