Pray For Nepal Elephant Bracelets


On Saturday 25th of April, I was out in London, the weather for once was hot, sunny. I grabbed my backpack and went off to the city, book in hand, to meet a friend. Little did I know that the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal had been struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, killing thousands, injuring and displacing hundreds of thousands and leaving an already poor nation in near destitution. The destruction didn’t stop at the earthquake, those trekking on Mount Everest were then faced with an avalanche and countless aftershocks meaning those who were alive were faced with cold, wet nights outside.

It’s easy while watching rolling news to begin to feel helpless, feel pain, empathy, because there is nothing you can do. But there is never ‘nothing’, especially as a business whether small or big. Though it’s not much, every donation from the Pray for Nepal Bracelets will help in some way. In 2 days you all helped sell every single one, in total, the donation sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee was £150, all 50 bracelets were sold at £3 each with 100% of the sales going to the charity. I’ve since then restocked the bracelets (thanks to Mehwish for her awesome donations) and added a black variation, so let’s make another £150 guys!

Click the Pray for Nepal hashtag to be directed to my Etsy store. #‎PrayForNepal‬

“No one has ever become poor from giving.” – Anne Frank


A mere £100 allows emergency shelters to be erected for 5 families, £50 can feed a family for 2 weeks & £25 allows four families to receive clean water for a whole month! 


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